Welcome to SAFE-BioPharma

The Industry Standard for Digital Trust!

Created by the biopharmaceutical industry and its regulators to provide global high-assurance identity trust for cyber-transactions in biopharmaceuticals and healthcare.

Why SAFE-BioPharma Identity Credentials?

Identity Authentication

Efficiently authenticate and manage cyber-identities. Each credential is universal, providing its user with a standardized identity accepted across many systems...the equivalent of a global Internet Passport!

The Basis of the TransCelerate Shared Investigator Portal

The SAFE-BioPharma standard assures the identity trust inherent in implementation of the TransCelerate Shared Investigator Portal, in Merck’s EngageZone platform, and in other industry collaboration platforms.

Efficient Document Processing

Apply secure, non-repudiable signatures linked to individual’s proven identity. Guarantees life-long document integrity. Digital signature applications certified compliant with the SAFE-BioPharma standard meet global regulatory and legal requirements.


The SAFE-BioPharma Ecosystem is rapidly expanding among users, credential issuers, application developers, and supporting services. All are governed by the SAFE-BioPharma standard and can be used with confidence that they are acceptable across industry and regulatory bodies.

Managed by SAFE-BioPharma Association

The industry collaboration helping to improve productivity, reduce costs, and lower time to market by protecting information assets, moving business processes online, and becoming paperless.