The Identity Credential for Secure Global Cloud Collaboration

Internet Passport -- One globally portable cyber-identity. Authenticate identity, securely apply digital signatures using tablet or phone, wherever you are

Trusted -- By FDA, DEA, other US federal government agencies, EU/EMA, all users of Adobe® Acrobat®, or Reader®

Identity credentials used to access TransCelerate’s Shared Investigator Platform are compliant with the SAFE-BioPharma standard

Several hundred thousand US prescribers will be using to meet DEA requirements for ePrescribing controlled substances

Many, Many Uses

  • Clinical study collaboration -- Authenticate identity to access clinical portals, eHRs, other secured information
  • Apply digital signatures -- electronic signing of medical documents including ePrescriptions for controlled substances, eSubmissions (EMA required)
  • Compatible with most applications
    • Adverse event reporting
    • eTMFs
    • Regulatory document management systems
    • eSampling

Driverless -- Stored in hardware module in cloud; securely accessed from any Internet connection.

Economical --  No tokens to manage. No drivers to install/maintain. Single credential accessed from multiple devices

Application Programming Interfaces -- Integrate SAFE-BioPharma Mobile authentication and signing functionality into existing and future biopharmaceutical and healthcare applications. Contact

Adobe plug-in software (documentation and FAQ's) for PC users of SAFE-BioPharma Mobile: Download from

Information about SAFE-BioPharma Mobile: David Simonetti, Policy and Governance Manager